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Order Management


mInventory gathers all the orders across multiple channels into the system. You can manage the data and processes around order management. The system streamlines picking, shipping, receiving and returning between suppliers, company and customers. This significantly reduces the workload of warehouse operators by eliminating manual paper work or redundant processes. Meanwhile, it eliminates excess costs and time. This gives you a highly efficient of order management process and precise data for further analysis.

Picking and Shipping》

mInventory automatically generates pick list and shipment note when the system receives sales order. Pick list is a check list specifying the items with quantity and dimensions. It is used by warehouse operators to clarify the items to be picked in each order. It helps speed up the pick-up procedure and minimize errors.




mInventory automatically generates receipt note when the system receives purchase order. Your warehouse operators can use it to check or validate the delivered goods.



Partially Shipment / Partially Receipt》

It occurs when the order involves in two or more shipments. Shipment note and receipt note enable you to record the outstanding quantity and quantity to ship/receive in each delivery with date. Hence, you can see the shipment status and process at a glance.




No matter how many items are returned from customers or to suppliers, you can record them in return shipment and return receipt with simply a few steps.

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