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Inventory Management


Item Information

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View the item information including item detail, purchase order and sales order. Track the movement from the point of purchase to sale by entering item name or barcode number.

Barcode/RFID Scanning

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By scanning barcode and RFID through mobile devices built-in scanning application or scanner accessories, you can identify the item and review or edit all its related information including item detail, purchase order and sales order. It is also applicable in receiving, picking and shipping.


Serial Number & Lot Number Tracking

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You can insert serial number or lot number to view item details, shipping note, receipt note etc. For serial number, examples of item could be appliances and electronic goods like smart phone. For lot number, the item could be food, chemicals, medical supplies etc.

Expiry Date Tracking

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Reduce product spoilage and improve inventory efficiency by tracking the expiry date for each item, so that you can prioritise them accordingly. Examples of items could be food and medicine.



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You can set a minimum amount for an item, so that once the inventory level falls to this amount, you will receive reminders or email for replenishment of that item to avoid untimely stock-outs.

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