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m-In Cloud Inventory》 

Get stock orders done with ease and speed》

​​Manage stock right away

Our design aims for providing users with a way to manage stock orders at once without going through lots of documentation and setting.

Straight forward operation

Placing Stock In/Out/Transfer Order is as easy as scanning item barcode with a barcode scanner, then Posting the order, that’s it!

​Quick Item Tracking

Items support Serial no. and Lot No., allow you to track down item location fast.

Essential features with
Intuitive design


Right after login, m-In will show outstanding stock, item inventory allocation and most recent orders. You know today's tasks at a glance!

Items information》

Intuitive User Interface allows you to assign code and description of an item, select item tracking code, category, variants, adding barcodes, insert remarks, etc.


Stock Order》

Add item to line for stock in/out/transfer, try to let user to input Quantity, UOM, Variant and Location with as few clicks as possible.


Take control of your stock


Order Management

In m-In, after Stocking In, item inventories are recorded in the Item Ledger. You can either Stock Out or Stock Transfer to other internal locations. Delivery note can be printed and sent to warehouse staff for item picking, and then proceed to shipment. The Stock Take feature allows you to list out items in particular location or all locations. You can perform Stock Take by scanning stock on-hand, and system will make positive and negative adjustments accordingly.

Mobile Barcode Scanner》

Honeywell ScanPal™ series is one of the Android™ device supported by m-In. ScanPal™ supports Wi-Fi, with touchscreen display and a numeric keypad that is portable enough to fit in your pocket.

It is specially built for industrial durability to survive harsh environments.



Outstanding Stock In/Out》

The dashboard shows you the number of items to be received/shipped. Press the button to have a quick look at which order lines with outstanding quantity. This shows what you have to handle today


Inventory donut chart》

Would you like to see the distribution of inventory locations? The dashboard displays inventory data in graphical form, and the distribution is clear at a glance. ​ Another chart shows inventory by category, letting you know which categories dominate your inventory.

Top Stock In / Out》

Top Stock In Items of the Month" and "Top Stock Out Items of the Month" lists show the ranking of the most received/shipped items in the warehouse for that month, helping you better understand your business.

Inventory Managment

Item Information

Allows you to assign an item's code and description, select item tracking codes, categories, variants, add barcodes, insert notes, and more.


Barcode Scanning》

By scanning barcode through mobile devices scanning application, you can identify the item and review all its detail. Also, you can edit the quantity to receive / ship in Stock In / Out order lines. The code also support advanced barcode such as GS1 standard with automatically recognize Lot Number and expire date information.

S/N & Lot No. Tracking》

You can insert serial number or lot number to track item details, shipping note, receipt note etc. For serial number, it could be appliances and electronic goods like smart phones and tables. For lot number, the item could be food, chemicals, medical supplies etc.

Expiry Date Tracking》

m-In features expiry date, serial and lot tracking. You can see which items are about to expire at any time, and then run follow-up procedures to reduce write-offs. When the product is about to expire or is out of stock, the system will send a notification to remind the user to replenish stock.


Multi Warehouse》

You can manage your inventory for one or more warehouse such as central warehouse, regional warehouse and retail warehouses. Also, you can create multiple Bins inside each individual warehouse.

Stock Transfer》

Item can be transferred between warehouses or bins.


Stock Taking》

Make adjustments to your stock level. It updates stock numbers both positive and negative automatically. With mobile scanner, you can handle stock take wherever in warehouse or in store.

Stock Out》

m-In automatically generates pick list and shipment note when the system receives sales order. Pick list is a check list specifying the items with quantity and dimensions. It is used by warehouse operators to clarify the items to be picked in each order. It helps speed up the pick-up procedure and minimize errors.

Stock In》

m-In automatically generates receipt note when the system receives purchase order. Your warehouse operators can use it to check or validate the delivered goods.

Partially Shipment / Partially Receipt 》

When the order involves two or more shipments. Shipment notes and receipt notes enable you to record the outstanding quantity and quantity to ship/receive in each delivery with date. Hence, you can see the shipment status and process at a glance.

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