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Expand ERP to branches

《Expand Your Familiar Business System:
Seamlessly Integrate It into Your Global Territories

ERP setup

In today's fiercely competitive global business landscape, companies are constantly seeking to expand their territories to capture a larger market share. Many organizations face similar challenges in business processes when dealing with different regions, making it especially important to advance familiar business systems to meet the demands of multiple areas.

As a company's process system matures and demonstrates significant results after a period of refinement, its performance becomes evident. With plans to expand overseas, businesses hope to introduce this familiar system to their new international offices, ensuring that expansion efforts are more efficient and effective.


《Moving Forward Together

Bizspoke ERP

Bizspoke Technology understands the needs and challenges businesses face in their exhibition plans, and to ensure your success in overseas markets, we provide comprehensive support. Our team of experts will customize an exhibition plan tailored to your needs, offer localized support to help you smoothly enter international markets, and seamlessly integrate your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system into new offices on a technical level.

We possess advanced analytical techniques to assist you in formulating more precise business strategies. In addition, we provide comprehensive after-sales support, including technical maintenance, customer service, regional adjustments, and security, enabling you to maintain competitiveness in overseas markets. Bizspoke Technology is committed to being your reliable partner in the global marketplace, paving the way for a more prosperous future.


Facilitating Cross-border Business Management》
The Ideal Partner for Implementing Global Management Practices


"Our company possesses extensive experience in system implementation on a global scale, with successful cases in Japan, Taiwan, Macau, China, and Australia. Our professional team has a deep understanding of the differences in regulations, taxation, currencies, and culture among various countries and regions, ensuring that our systems can be smoothly implemented and comply with local legal requirements."


《Modular Resources for Reusability

For enterprises with branch offices established in different regions, we recognize that there is a similarity in their overall business processes. Therefore, when applying the system to other areas, we can effectively utilize most of the modules from the existing system design, thus saving additional resources required for customization and configuration costs.


《Understanding Regional Trade and Culture


Choose our business solutions, and you will receive global professional services, as well as in-depth understanding of the regulations, taxation, currency, and culture of various countries. Let us be your best partner in expanding your global market, working together towards success.

jet lag

《Expanding Continuous Support Hours

Furthermore, we have offices in both Hong Kong and Australia, taking full advantage of the time zone differences between the two regions to provide more continuous support services for clients in Southeast Asia. Our team is dedicated to offering efficient and timely solutions, ensuring the smooth operation of your business.

《Unblocking the Path to Your Expansion Plan》


By choosing our services, you will enjoy the following advantages: As a Hong Kong implementation partner with over six years of Microsoft Dynamics experience, we offer professional, comprehensive, and one-stop solutions on a global scale. Our expert team is dedicated to customizing Dynamics Business Central, warehouse management, and LSRetail POS systems for you, aiming to optimize your business, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Furthermore, our training and localization support ensure that your team can fully utilize the solutions we provide. Contact us now to benefit from our high-quality services and proven track record of success for your business.

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