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Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Third-party Logistics Service Providers
Up to 4 items - cumulative cap of 1 million 

Pilot Subsidy Scheme》

The Transport and Housing Bureau commissioned the Hong Kong Productivity Council to set up the "Third-Party Logistics Service Provider Subsidy Pilot Scheme" (Pilot Scheme) for suppliers whose providing import or export third-party logistics services to Mainland China and Oversea. The maximum cumulative subsidy amount for each applicant enterprise is capped. The total amount (including the project audit fee) is HK$1 million, and each applicant enterprise can receive funding for a maximum of four approved projects. The pilot program also covers ERP, WMS, RFID, and EDI applications.


Improve the competitive advantage for your business》

Through application projects, the Bizspoke development team provides technical application solutions for your enterprise (third-party logistics provider).
The technology projects covered by the plan include software development and hardware deployment. (Pilot plan) also supports subscription-based purchase or rental of equipment to expand the scope of application.


Eligibility for Application》

All non-listed enterprises registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance with substantive business operations in Hong Kong, which also meet the following conditions, are eligible to apply:

- Providing third-party logistics services, i.e. value-added services in supply chain and distribution;
- Being related to either inbound or outbound goods; and
- Maintaining eligibility throughout the period of project implementation.

- The applicant company can start the project on the next day after submitting the form.                                                    

(For application method, please refer to HKPC)

Covering planned application projects by Bizspoke》


Enterprise Resource Management System


For the centralised processing of multiple core process data of the enterprise, the standardised management of unit programs in different categories is optimised, and the cost threshold of the system is low.


Warehouse/Cargo Distribution Center Management


Solve complex logistics processing from orders to warehouses through cloud applications, avoid program errors and easily track commodity conditions. The system supports intelligent scanners.





A low-cost and reliable data identification technology is a wide range of application advantages, regardless of access control anti-theft, intelligent transaction, cargo management, air transportation, library, and medical management.


Electronic data

exchange system


This electronic data exchange method forms structured business transaction communications, including transactions between buyers and sellers, data exchange between various departments within the enterprise, and simplified data management specifications.

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