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Clear Communication from POS to Kitchen and Back

With LS Central, whether the customer orders themselves or through the waiter, the system will send orders for all POS systems directly to Kitchen Display System (KDS) screens or printers. When the meal is prepared, the kitchen can notify waiters with a click of a button. Waiters don't need to interrupt the chefs to ask if a given dish is ready. You can set up multiple display stations and add any number of screens and printers as needed.

Kitchen Display System-KDS》

Whether it's a mobile order or a store order, the POS system will transmit all orders to the kitchen display system, where chefs can view a summary and status of current and upcoming orders. Displaying orders directly on the screen saves you from preparing the wrong dish due to lost paper tickets, or difficult-to-read handwriting. You can also customize the KDS layout. When the waiting time for the dishes is too long, you can set up a siren to remind different departments in the kitchen to speed up.


POS Diagram》

The waiter places the order on the mobile phone -> or places the order through the POS -> the chef recieves the order on the KDS display in the kitchen


Synchronized Dish Production》



Ensure that all dishes in the same order are produced timely and delivered together. In the LS Central back office, you can set up and maintain a production time for each item. When an order is sent to the kitchen, the system will use the set production time to arrange items on the display stations, simplifying your chefs’ work.


Take away orders》

The system simplifies takeaway by labelling to-go orders differently and queuing them in a special takeout order list at the KDS.

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